"I have been exercising on a fairly regular basis for a few years. Doing my regular elliptical, trying to keep myself occupied for the hour I was on it. My friends suggested I try out Anya’s Zumba class. From that first class that I attended, I was hooked. It’s not only the great music and fun dancing, but also Anya herself, that make the class enjoyable. She makes sure everyone feels comfortable, she is a great instructor and she creates a wonderful energy that can be felt by all. Now my hour of exercise flies by and I’ve ditched my regular gym membership."
- Pnina
"I was searching for a good way to stay in shape during my summer vacation. I was looking through many sites and was unsatisfied, until I came across this one. I gave Anya a call and schedule an appointment time, to give it a try, it was the best choice I have made this summer. Having to balance a summer job and staying fit, Anya was flexible with the times that I was able to attend classes. Anya is great, she makes sure everyone feels welcomed and the music is great. She has you coming back for more. No matter what your reasons are for attending Zumba , Anya makes class fun and enjoyable."
- Michelle
"I have tried many different Zumba classes in the past. I have gotten bored with all of them and quit. I decided to try it one more time. I found Anya's class on Zumba.com and gave it a try. WOW! She is awesome. I am 48 years old and she keeps me moving from start to finish! The hour goes by so quickly. It does not feel like exercise. It is so much fun. The difference that I see in my body since I started is very noticeable. I also have more energy everyday. She is the best!"
- Adellec
"Come Zumba with Anya WHY, you ask?? Well, what a better way to loose the weight and tone your body into great shape. Zumba-ing with Anya will have you looking and feeling outta this world!! Her classes are for the young, old, female, male, rhythmic or non-rhythmic. I strongly and firmly believe once you try that first class you'd most definitely come back for more!! So what are you waiting for get off your butt and join the Zumba Party with Anya!! Fell the Zumba LOVE & let LOOSE!!! You won't be disappointed!"
- Maria
"I am a woman in my 50s, and was severely overweight, lead an absolutely inactive lifestyle, depressed and unhappy with my appearance. When I joined the classes, I was very nervous about keeping up and being there, but the instructor has been very encouraging, and not judgmental, helping me feel better about myself. She guided me through everything with her open warm smile and great personality. She helps everyone no matter what their issues or goals are. She truly comes from the heart and the classes are so enjoyable. They helped me become more active and lose weight. I feel full of energy now and 20 years yonger, people have noticed as well. I now actually have some muscles on my body, and I am on the road to greatness. DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED TO EVERYONE!!!!"
- Zhanna
"Zumba with Anya is high energy with awesome workouts and amazing music! Anya makes the class fun and exciting and you will come back week after week to burn those calories and see the fat MELT off!!!!"
- Krystal
"I am writing this note on behalf of my recent visit to Zumba. It was a Tuesday and I was very reluctant to be in a class with 20 women who were younger then me and better at paying attention and keeping up. After meeting Anya I was put at ease. I immediately signed up and have been attending her Tuesday and Thursday 7 to 8 o'clock sessions. I think she is wonderful. She has me completely motivated and I have some health issues but I want to go to her class. She is very enthusiastic and never makes me feel awkward or points me out if I don't keep up. I love the class and I think Anya is terrific and I look forward to her class every week."
- Jean
"Zumba works for me!!! I'm not a gym person, I'm not a yoga person... I hate running... But I always loved dancing!!!! Zumba combines workout with some elements of dance!!!! Anya is a great instructor!!! She encourages, her energy is just fascinating!!! I really enjoy this class and no matter how was my day this class just raises my serotonin levels sky high so that i can move on with my things. I'm trying to get my body toned a bit for the upcoming summer little dresses and I see my results already!!!! I was doing two classes a week so far but hopefully will be able to do three times. If you want to get toned, loose some extra pounds, but also really enjoy your time while doing all that Zumba is the place to go!!!! Love it all the way!!!"
- Katya
"This is my first fitness class in which I don't think about, "Is it over yet?" It's also my first fitness class in which I'm shocked when I hear, "Alright, class, this is the last song." Anya is amazing. She really knows her stuff, is always there for her students, and explains really well the steps to each new song that we learn. I am absolutely addicted to this class! Overall, take Zumba!!! You won't regret it :-)"
- Frances
"Before trying Zumba I tried aerobics, spinning class, water aerobics, many other things that never kept me interested. Since the first time I tried Zumba I have been hooked! I go to classes twice a week. It is so much fun and for the first time in my life I want to exercise. The results are awesome!!!!! Anyone considering Zumba it is a must"
- Nataliya